Ok so here’s the thing about transactivists and “TERFS”…..
You are all saying the same fucking thing! This whole thing is about semantics so get a grip people and start directing your anger in the right place instead of at each other.

Here are the things you are all saying…

1) Genitals do not dictate personality. 

2) Grouping people into two social groups based on genitals is bullshit

3) We should all be freed to live authentic lives and embrace our personalities and embrace the cultural artefacts of our choosing irrespective of our genitals

4) Some humans may prefer things traditionally labelled masculine, or feminine, or both. Again this has nothing to do with genitals. 

5) people should not be discriminated against because of their genitals

6) people should not be discriminated against because behaviour and expression doesn’t match that which society traditionally associated with a given set of genitalia.

Here’s the semantics….

A) if we agree on 2) above then there is no need for the words man and woman or male and female to mean anything so let’s screw with patriarchy by really fucking around with those words and divorcing them from genitals.


B) gender is bullshit but genitals are real so let’s say that men (people with outies) can have any personality and so can women (people with innies). So let’s keep the words to still mean sex but fuck around with patriarchy by saying that it’s ok for men to be feminine and for women to be masculine. Or both. Or neither.

If we can stop arguing over the semantics then maybe we could concentrate on the actual issues:

1) Toxic masculinity

2) Male violence

3) Rape culture

4) Discrimination in the workplace

And maybe we could work together on this including calling out our own who do these things instead of ignoring it and pretending it’s justifiable.

Redirect your anger at the true cause of these things (hint – it’s not women)

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2 thoughts on “STOP EVERYTHING

  1. 2) Grouping people into two social groups based on genitals is bullshit

    I agree with this in theory. However, I am sorry but I still do see the need for sex segregated areas. Whilst biological women are at such a natural disadvantage to biological men, and so much sexual abuse and rape occurs from men to women…sex segregation simply has to exist. Its not about gender or how nice you are, or how little of a threat. A line needs to be drawn and since biology is what separated us in these areas…and the very reason for separation, biology must remain above feelings.

    Besides this, agree wholeheartedly. I know noone who wants to stop anyone being themselves. I wish every human on this earth to be happy in themselves by whatever means necessary. The only issue I have is the crossover of one groups rights with another.

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