Male Violence: husbands who become transwomen

Male Violence: husbands who become transwomen

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One thought on “Male Violence: husbands who become transwomen

  1. Excellent piece, though harrowing. I’ve spent some time lurking on the Reddit subgroup asktransgender. It’s really disturbing to witness the rampant narcissism and fetishism of straight men who transition.

    I have the utmost sympathy for their wives and children.

    It can work out not too dreadful in the end. I knew a late transitioner who was terribly cruel to his wife. Blamed her Catholicism for their sexual difficulties. For the first few years after their divorce he didn’t give her a bean. His money went on clothes, manicures, etc. But eventually he came round. Started paying maintenance and spending time with their 3 kids. Good thing too, as without them he would be so isolated. He’s made no new friends since his transition and has never had a partner.. Not that I feel sorry for him. He’s alone because he’s a selfish s.o.b

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