I’m all for what you’re talking about, but I can’t help but be somewhat reluctant about the end punishment since I like to think of myself as being anti death penalty. There’s also the issue of who exactly comes to power in the situation.










There’s nothing wrong with capital punishment provided the crime committed is absolutely heinous and there is no doubt whatsoever that the accused did in fact commit the crime. It’s no different than the Nuremberg Trials.

As for who comes into power during the temporary military government; frankly, it’s gonna be whoever led the coup.

“Dictatorship of the proletariat” that’s the term you’re looking for.

I feel like Che Guevara came back to life and made a tumblr

o woes me talking about what would happen in a military coup is so communist

It was when Che did it, so I’m glad you finally found your thing

wtf does that even mean

Choose a meaning
1) it means that i find your earlier statements on a “temporary” post-revolution military enforcement sounded like a young and full of dreams soon to be totalitarian killing machine Che Guevara.
2) it means that you don’t know how to handle your herd of liberturd fans disagreeing with you and now you gonna spew sarcasm left and right. Can’t handle different opinions… So surprising coming from someone who wants the military to secure Freedom™
3) or it means that you should just let Tumblr swallow the bs you said like it does to everything else. It’ll be better for your ego as we won’t have to be going on this back and forth.

Save your strength to the next edgy thing you have to say

1. Waaaaay blown out of proportion strawman; like seriously you’re diving into the middle of this, I’ve made my actual views on this clear much earlier, not my fault if you just assume what I believe.

2. Lol you think this actually affects what I think about people? It’s a debate nothing more I follow some of the people who disagree with me and some of the people who disagree with me follow me. It’s not that deep.

3. I don’t even know wtf that means so I’ll just clarify one last time: all I said was “maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the federal government got overthrown” and then hypothesized about what would probably happen after and what I think should happen. Maybe the dividing line between those two concepts- what would happen versus what should happen- wasn’t clear enough and if so, my fault obvi, but I ain’t taking back what I believe just because some gunblr people got shitter-shattered.

Have a lovely night

What the fucking hell is communist about killing politicians.

Communism is about killing peasants in gulags.

Wishing death on politicians has absolutely nothing to do with communism and never will.

Communism is about killing peasants in gulags“ WTAF?????

Communism is all about the establishment of a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state. So yeah, removal of politicians and the state (by whatever means) is a communist goal.

Stalinism on the other hand, may have involved killing peasants in Gulags. Stalin was a psychopathic dictator and not an advocate of true communism.
I don’t think anyone is advocating Stalinism.

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