Belief system

I don’t believe in God and I certainly don’t believe in organised religion. That’s my choice. Other people do though and that’s their choice. It’s not my place to pass judgement or criticise that choice. For many people it’s a super important part of their life and I’m sure helps them to make sense of this crazy world.

In many ways, I think transgender ideology is the same. It’s a belief system. It’s also a really important part of people’s lives and identity and helps them to get through the day and make sense of things. Even though I see things differently maybe it’s not my place to criticise that.

However, I will always call out actions that are violent and abusive.

Calling people scum, giving death threats and wishing death and rape on women is disgusting, abusive behaviour that not only harms its direct victims but does a huge amount of harm to the whole trans community.

Trans people, whatever you believe, PLEASE take accountability for your actions and stop abusing women.

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