what are some alternative ways of dealing with dysphoria? i’ve found that they’re very rarely talked about, and very rarely specified even by people who question that transition is the only one!


I mean, it’s hard to be specific when the causes are so often different things. If the cause is gender nonconformity, the person needs to learn how to accept themselves as gender nonconforming as well as how to cope with it in society. If the cause is body dysmorphia, if it’s trauma, if it’s mental health issues, the treatments are all going to be different, and it’s generally a mix of those factors, not just one, and even among these separate categories there are differences in what treatment works, based on personal factors. I would say the best advice I could give you for how to deal with dysphoria is to figure out where it stems from, and work from there. I’ve found writing to be useful, journaling, or just talking about it. What is your dysphoria like? What aspects of your sex/gender role is it tied to? What triggers it?

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