How to be a trans ally


I’m sick of the way the trans community, the medical profession and trans allies try to build up our self esteem based on fragile untruths.

If you really want to support trans people smash the gender rules that say that females are feminine and males are masculine.

If a male says that they are confused because they feel like a woman find out what that means to them. Invariably it means that they identify with things that our society deems only acceptable for women.

Instead of telling them that it’s ok because they are a woman, tell them it’s ok to be a man and be all of those things. Telling them they are actually a woman only sets them up for pain and hurt and fragility.

The same goes for females who are told they are men because they don’t identify with femininity. It’s ok to be a woman and not be what society expects of women.


Yup see also this by Glosswitch.

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