Everyone should get to feel accepted.


It’s okay to be a male who has the same personality of a trans MtF. You can celebrate your male body as well as fully access and experience your emotions. You can dress any way you want and wear your hair any way you want and you can like anything considered feminine, and act any way considered feminine. Those things are valid things for males and men to do. It’s not an insult and it’s not denying what you are. You are the person you are, regardless of your body.

Trans people keep saying we should accept a trans person as soon as they say they are the opposite gender. No transition necessary for them to be accepted as trans. Isn’t that really saying that we should accept males as men who want to do things outside the gender norms for men. That’s a good thing!

So why does he need to say he’s a woman for us to accept his personality? You don’t need to be a woman, you don’t need to reinterpret your entire understanding of your own body to portray everything as female. The end result is for people to accept the real you. So why can’t we do that for you as a male?

We can. It’s called gender freedom and it’s something we should all fight for.

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