In essence, what exactly distinguishes the cross-dressing autogynephile from the “real transwoman”? I would really like to know.

Perhaps the sexual aspect? Some trans woman may not get sexual gratification from living as women, and I would consider that a notable difference.

Fair enough.

But, then again, if a cross-dresser and/or autogynephile “identifies” as a woman, we’d have to consider him to be one, despite the sexual gratification he might get from it.

actual sex/body dysphoria.

That’s the flaw in identity politics. Cross dressing autogynephiles would be mortified at the thought of getting their old man lopped off whilst those with sex dysphoria tend tp see it as the embodiment of masculinity and want rid of it.

I don’t know if I had “actual sex dysphoria”, but I did have that dreadful feeling of “being in the wrong body” throughout my puberty, wanted to “become female”, actually considered an OP for a short time (which, naturally, I couldn’t afford). But despite all the times I put on “women’s” clothing or makeup, I didn’t feel any less male than before nor did it alleviate the horrid feeling.

Maybe I should have asked a different question: what distinguishes the cross-dressing autogynephile from the “real transwoman” in terms of actually “being less male” than the other.

Nothing. None of us are any less male. Sadly one can’t identify out of biology. But this shouldn’t matter – once we deconstruct gender and understand that it is really just a set of artificial expectations we can be free of it and free to express ourselves however we like without the need to think we are the wrong / other sex . And autogynephilia gets a bad rap IMHO as long as people are honest about it, don’t claim womanhood and don’t harm others then it’s not really a problem. It’s the dishonesty around it that’s a problem.

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