gender indoctrination is the fucking elephant in the room when it comes to developing dysphoria and yet, the doctors and psychologists ignore this. they’ll just say, oh it’s because of hormone exposure in the womb, or because they have other-sexed brains. they don’t consider socialization and it upsets me so much. I am convinced that we’d have much fewer cases of sex and gender dysphoria if we’d just abolish gender socialization. dysphoria is, in my opinion, one of the worst psychological illnesses one can suffer from. and we’re not making an effort to get to the root of the problem. it just makes me so angry and sad.

Because abolishing society’s gender norms will mean doctor’s can’t make money off people who experience dysphoria.

because abolishing gender will likely lead to less people developing dysphoria.
because without gender, dysphoria can be recognized as the mental illness that it is and not as a sign that the individual is the other sex and needs transition. there will, hopefully, be other options first recommended to people suffering from dysphoria.

of course transition will still be a thing, but it will no longer be a big business.


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