I tried. I really tried. I tried to be a good libfem and understand the whole trans thing. I read blogs of transwomen and tried to understand their experiences and what they were saying. I tried to be OK with it and go along with the whole SJW narrative.

But ladybrain. Fucking ladybrain. That’s what started it. There is no such thing as ladybrain. And furthermore, it is the most sexist, redpill, evopsych, bullshittiest load of nonscience out there. And yet here were “feminists” embracing it, all to please the trans community! And dog forbid you object to it or call it out for its inherent sexism! How in the world can any self-identified feminist not object to the idea of ladybrain? Ladybrain is what has been used to oppress and subjugate women for thousands of years!

Ohh, no, the women can’t handle education. They have ladybrain. Ohh, no, the women can’t be trusted to vote. They have ladybrain. Oh, keep women out of science/religion/philosophy/government/etc./etc. They have ladybrain. And yet now women are supposed to embrace the idea of ladybrain, all to placate the trans activists?

And then I dug deeper, and found out about the cotton ceiling, and how these men calling themselves women are abusing young lesbians, and I started to get really angry. I mean, OK, ladybrain pissed me right off, but men with penises and testicles calling their bits “lady penises,” bullying young lesbians into being penetrated by said penises? That’s coercion at best, rape at worst.

I also read about how the trans movement is basically erasing butch lesbians, who are being pressured into “transitioning” into male presentations. That’s heartbreaking. And testosterone has horrible effects on the female body over the long term. All so they can fit in better in society, supposedly. These women deserve better.

And finally, the very idea transitioning young kids, which is so horrifying I can’t even discuss it without crying. It’s abuse, that’s all I will say.

I have no hatred or anything like that for trans people. But I can’t support trans politics. I find the trans politics narrative, and the fact that it has hijacked feminism and LGB politics, horrifying. So I stand with the radfems. Let’s tear down gender, one brick at a time, and kick the shit out of patriarchy.


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