What is your stance/views of transmedicalism. Do you agree with its ideology or not?


Check out our SRS tag for more information on this, as well as a post I have made recently regarding this subject. 

To paraphrase: I believe that the belief that one is born into the wrong body is a subset of body dysmorhpic disorder. In my personal belief, any one person who is so troubled by their physical body to the point that it causes them such distress that they seek our unnecessary invasive surgery does not deserve to have these compulsive and unhealthy thoughts validated by engaging in the compulsion, ie: having surgery. I believe that if a person wants to surgically alter their body to fit their delusion regarding how it should look that the solution is for that person to seek mental health treatment to help them be more comfortable in their body, and accept that there is nothing wrong with the body they were born into. I think that surgically altering one’s body to match their unhealthy delusion of how it should “exist” both validates their delusion and does not address the root cause of their distress, it is only band-aid fix. No person should have to surgically alter their body to feel comfortable in their skin. Feeling dysphoric/dysmorphic about one’s body is not healthy, and that feeling deserves treatment via the care of a qualified mental health professional. Every person deserves to feel happy and healthy in the body they were born into. No person deserves to have to undergo surgery to feel comfortable with their body. If a person does not wish to undergo surgery, but rather receive opposite-sex hormone replace therapy, they are putting themselves at risk for many medical issues, including but not limited to very dangerous and often incurable cancers. 

Furthermore, in the circumstance of males who seek sex reassignment surgery, I think that the “neo-vagina” is widely offensive to women. Women are an oppressed class within patriarchy, and our oppression is assigned to us based on our female biology. Because of this, our female biology (most notably our vulvas and vaginas) are sacred to us. They are the reason why our existence is deemed inferior, they are used to victimize us within patriarchy, and for this reason they should not be mocked by men who attempt imitate us. A man who inverts his penis (and must penetrate his neo-vagina with a dildo daily for it to retain it’s shape) and calls this a vagina and vulva is widely offensive to women who have had their oppression assigned based upon our female anatomy. On top of this being a truly disturbing example of appropriation of womanhood, it is also incredibly misogynist to call anything that must be penetrated by a phallic object a vagina. To say that a neo-vagina is identical to a real vagina, even though it must be penetrated to exist “normally” implies that some vaginas need penetration to be valid and real. Some radical feminists argue that “tru-scum” or transmedicalists should not be criticized, but I disagree. I find the implication that you can surgically create a vagina out of a penis, and that this is valid in some circumstances (see: truscum) to be offensive and misogynist in nature. 


Very well written and extremely thought provoking.

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