Hi. I’m a gender non conforming male (trans woman to the wider population but I don’t wish to appropriate womanhood). I’m really trying to understand the concepts of radical feminism but I’m struggling to understand a few things. I completely accept that I am and always will be biologically male. I also accept that gender is a social construct that patriarchy overlays on the sexes to oppress females. Stripping away gender and the falsehoods it maintains, would leave pure biological (part 1)


Differences between the sexes. This is where my confusion lies. Would those biological differences still mean that males oppress females, or is it the assertion that the oppression is a result of the construct of gender? I know this might seem like a dumb question but I’m genuinely trying to figure out how I fit into the patriarchal society we exist in. (Part 2 of 2)

First off, you identify as a transwoman on your blog in the description, so I have a hard time believing that you reject the identity of ‘transwoman’ as to avoid appropriating the identities of women, when it is clear that you are very comfortable doing so.

But to answer your question: The oppression of women (patriarchy and subsequent male privilege/supremacy) is completely dependent on gender. There is nothing inherently superior or oppressive about men with out gender. There is nothing inherent to female biology that makes us inferior. Gender and patriarchy assign us as inferior. In a world with out gender, humans would exist with out a gendered hierarchy (patriarchy) and men would not be deemed superior to women. 

I understand that you are confused about where you fit into the patriarchal society that we exist in. Allow me to help you understand: you are an oppressor. That is where you fit in. You were assigned your male privilege and oppressive status at birth based upon your biological sex. You were socialized with your male privilege from infancy onward.  As we live in a sex-caste system, a gendered hierarchy assigned upon the basis of biological sex, your status as male makes you an oppressor. No amount of gender-nonconforming will fix this. You can not identify out of your maleness, the basis for your privilege. A man who wears a dress and does not conform to masculinity is still a man who has been socialized to believe he is superior to women, and subsequently entitled to them. 


Thanks for your dogmatic and totally unhelpful answer. It certainly clears up your position.

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