Male Violence: husbands who become transwomen

Male Violence: husbands who become transwomen


“There wasn’t a time when he “dressed” and didn’t get an erection. Even after he started taking internet bought hormones. If anything, the thought that he was chemically transforming himself into “a woman”, held immense erotic charge for him…

…I know from bitter experience of reaching out, that the primary concern is for the welfare of the trans partner, who must never be questioned as the most oppressed creature to walk this planet.

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Female detransition and reidentification: Survey results and interpretation


This survey was created for anyone female/AFAB who formerly self-described as transgender. This includes women who transitioned, whether socially and/or medically, and subsequently detransitioned, as well as individuals who still identify as nonbinary or genderfluid, but have desisted from medical or social transition.

The survey ran from August 16 to August 30, 2016 and was shared through Tumblr, Facebook groups, and on the WordPress blog 4thWaveNow. After removing several obviously fake responses and responses from individuals who had not stopped transition, the total response count was 203. Leaving aside all the other data this provides, the sheer number of responses is pretty amazing. Given that the survey was open for 2 weeks and was shared through a couple of Facebook groups, most of which were private, and Tumblr, I think we can safely say that detransitioners are not quite as rare as some would like to have us think. Other than that, there are a couple of points I’d like to elaborate on along with presenting the data.

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Imagine a wall full of circular holes, that circles can keep walking in and out of with no difficulty.

Now imagine that the triangles manage to get the resources together, after years of not being able to fit through the circle’s holes, to drill a single triangle space into the wall.

Now imagine that the circle — who previously supported the triangle’s efforts because they are well-rounded (har) and value equality —  comes along and sees the construction project. But instead of being happy, they get angry.

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Trans substantiation


I was in an early wave of trans people who started the kind of reaction to so-called “misgendering” that we commonly see now, and I’m sorry everyone; really, truly sorry. Nevertheless, I come from a time when the status quo among trans people was that if you didn’t pass, you tried harder to do so.

Yes, instead of insisting that other people see something different than what they saw, you simply tried harder to pass. You felt some (ultimately not useful) shame, but you didn’t blame others for their perceptions or get self righteous about it when their perceptions did not match your desired image. You did what you could with that feedback to get where you were trying to go, as much as possible. You understood that if you were going to make a claim to being of a different sex, you were responsible for substantiating that claim, one way or another.

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Why do you hate trans women so much?


I don’t. I know that you probably won’t believe me when I say that, but it’s the truth. I don’t want to see transwomen harmed or abused. I don’t want them to be harassed. I hope that they get to lead safe and fulfilling lives, and I want to see them getting whatever legal and social support it takes to achieve that.

So no, I don’t hate transwomen. But – crucially – I don’t think that they’re women either.

And that’s the truth of it. Even when I was a mainstream libfem blindly reblogging anti ‘terf’ lists to prove that I was a Good Ally, I never really thought that they were women. I don’t think that womanhood is something as flimsy as an identity that you can opt in and out of at will. I don’t think that biological sex can be ignored when our biology is the entire reason why women across the world are raped, murdered, and oppressed under male supremacy. I don’t think that my homosexuality should be considered bigoted or shameful. Transactivism is actively eroding women’s rights and erasing lesbian sexuality. I wouldn’t be any kind of feminist if I didn’t fight my corner against that kind of appropriation.

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Amber Heard donates $7M divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to charity

Amber Heard donates $7M divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to charity



The entire seven million dollar divorce settlement is being split between two charities. One is a children’s hospital and the other is the ACLU “with a particular focus to stop violence against women.” 


Cannot like this enough!

I’m all for what you’re talking about, but I can’t help but be somewhat reluctant about the end punishment since I like to think of myself as being anti death penalty. There’s also the issue of who exactly comes to power in the situation.










There’s nothing wrong with capital punishment provided the crime committed is absolutely heinous and there is no doubt whatsoever that the accused did in fact commit the crime. It’s no different than the Nuremberg Trials.

As for who comes into power during the temporary military government; frankly, it’s gonna be whoever led the coup.

“Dictatorship of the proletariat” that’s the term you’re looking for.

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Biology lesson


There are even more biological differences between Females and Males than just hormones.

Science isn’t transphobic. It’s just, well… science. Knowing that biology exists isn’t transphobic.

Yelling abuse at trans people in the street is transphobic. Discrimintaing against somebody (work rights, housing etc) purely becuase they are trans is transphobic. Attacking, raping and killing trans people just because they are trans is transphobic.

I think it would be really beneficial to transfolk to get past this notion that mentioning biology is somehow transphobic. I’m male. I’m trans. No big deal.

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